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AFC is a CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) and DASA (Defence Aviation Safety Authority) Certified Gas Cylinder Test Station providing cylinder testing and repair services to seamless, composite, welded and brazed cylinders. Additional, related services performed in-house by AFC include valve overhauls and re-charging.

Hydrostatic Testing

AFC has the equipment required to perform both direct pressure and water jacket tests, depending on the requirement for your cylinder.


Our hydrostatic test station is also capable of applying pressure in excess of 10,000 psi.  Standard Turn-Around Time for hydrostatic test is 24-48 hours (subject to workload).

We are also able to perform all basic repairs to damage such as dents, scratches, cuts, rust, corrosion and re-painting when required.


Valve Overhaul

AFC Technicians have over 20 years experience with component overhaul, much of which relates to cylinder valves.


We overhaul a variety of different brands, and hold a large inventory of overhaul components for Safran Aerosystems (Formally Zodiac Aerospace and Aerazur) and Dart Aerospace (formally Apical Industries) branded valves.

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Cylinder Due



Valve Due




AFC is able to re-charge cylinder assemblies containing a variety of gases including Nitrogen, Helium, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide.



AFC is both CASA Part 145 and DASA Part 145 approved, allowing us to release your gas cylinder back to service following repair or maintenance, assuming the items are deemed serviceable.

Both CASA and DASA have their own respective Authorised Release Certificate, known as a Form 1.  AFC has the approval to issue either one of these. 

Additionally, AFC is certified to the highest aerospace specific quality standard, AS9110.  


Please specify on your Purchase Order or Work Request exactly what release documents and standards you require.

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