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AFC has a dedicated workshop for inflatables including fixed or utility floats, emergency pop-out floats and life rafts.

We’re able to perform repairs, modifications, scheduled maintenance activities, cylinder hydrostaic testing and valve overhauls, hose testing and re-packing.

We stock a wide variety of adhesives and repair materials and parts from all the common OEM’s allowing us to offer fast turn-around times in most cases.

Repairs & Maintenance

With over three decades experience repairing and maintaining floats and life rafts, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge, experience and specialty tools required to perform any possible damage we may encounter.


Common defects we repair include pin hole leaks, punctures and tears, chafes and scratches, open seams, leaking valves, loose components and damaged covers.

Tasks associated with life raft overhaul include all the usual testing for inflatables, with the addition of testing emergency lighting, radio beacons and packing survival kits.


3 cups


3 cups


Leak Found



1 cup


1½ cups


Expired Rations


Inspection &


AFC has the required experience, tooling, data and approvals to perform scheduled maintenance including leak checks, visual examinations, proof pressure tests, bulkhead tests, PRV tests, etc.


Many of these maintenance activities can only be performed by OEM approved facilities and AFC is approved by all major brands, such as DART Aerospace and Safran Aerosystems.


AFC is both CASA Part 145 and DASA Part 145 approved, allowing us to release your floats or life raft back to service following repair or maintenance, assuming the items are deemed serviceable.

Both CASA and DASA have their own respective Authorised Release Certificate, known as a Form 1.  AFC has the approval to issue either one of these. 

Additionally, AFC is certified to the highest aerospace specific quality standard, AS9110.  


Please specify on your Purchase Order or Work Request exactly what release documents and standards you require.

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