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Fuel Cell
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AFC has been authorised by Motorsport Australia (Formerly CAMS) to perform re-certifications to FIA FT3, FT3.5 and FT5 fuel cells increasing their life from a 7 year maximum (per the FIA regulations), now up to 15 years!

Motorsport Australia's new regulation states that FIA approved bladders can remain in service for 5 years from the date of manufacture, after which time they must be re-certified every 2 years until the 15 year limit is reached. Currently, this extended life is only applicable within Australia.

The re-certification process includes a leak check and visual examination. On completion, the fuel cell will be stamped with a new expiry date, and released with an AFC Release Certificate.

For more information on Motorsport Australia's extended life for fuel cells bladders, refer to the Manual of Motorsport / General Requirements of Automobiles / Schedule N - Fuel Tanks and Refueling or click here

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