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AFC’s core business for three decades now has been the manufacture, repair and overhaul of aviation fuel cells.  The fuel cells we support range from your private, single seat aircraft, all the way up to Military helicopters and fighter jets.

Some of the Defence platforms we support include the OH-58 Kiowa, CH47-D Chinook, FA18 Hornet, FA18 Super Hornet and UH-60 Blackhawk. In the civilian market, we support all models of the Cessna, Beechcraft, Piper, Aero Commander, Fokker, MD, DeHavilland, Bell, etc.

Repair & Manufacture

Over the past 30 years, AFC’s ‘bread & butter’ has been fuel cell repair and manufacture. This is where we excel.


Our regular repairs range all the way from a minor coating over a chafed area, to the entire replacement of a fuel cells walls. From basic leak repairs to entire fitting replacements.


We stock all the common parts, materials and adhesives and over the years have accumulated a mass of customised blocks used for performing repairs in difficult to access locations.

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Leak Found



Dirty Fitting



Scheduled Maintenance & Storage

For fuel cells being kept in medium to long term storage (over 6 months), there are scheduled maintenance activities required to maintain serviceability, as well as preventing premature ageing and deterioration.


AFC is very familiar with these procedures and performs them on a regular basis. An integral part of the preservation process is controlling the storage conditions as per the manufacturers specifications.


Click here to find out more:  Storage & Management


Inspections & Testing

AFC uses several different means to leak check fuel cells. These include fuel stand tests, fuel slosh tests, soapy water tests, chemical tests and pressure tests.


Within the limits of the applicable test instructions, AFC Technicians use their wealth of experience to determine which test or tests are best suited to a particular fuel cell. 

AFC technicians are specially trained in the processes required to perform thorough and effective visual inspections.


We have had frequent exposure to all brands of fuel cell and have a strong knowledge of what to look for and where, that might not be obvious to the inexperienced. AFC expertise is often called upon to perform Defect Investigation Reports for the Australian Defence Force.  



AFC is both CASA Part 145 and DASA Part 145 approved, allowing us to release your fuel cell back to service following repair or maintenance, assuming the items are deemed serviceable.

Both CASA and DASA have their own respective Authorised Release Certificate, known as a Form 1.  AFC has the approval to issue either one of these. 

Additionally, AFC is certified to the highest aerospace specific quality standard, AS9110.  


Please specify on your Purchase Order or Work Request exactly what release documents and standards you require.

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