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AFC has a very well-established quality & safety management system (SMS).  We not only have both CASA and DASA Part 145 certification, we also have ISO 9001 and AS9110C certification.  These quality standards are the highest level in in the aviation industry and business world in general.

AFC is proud to operate with a 'Just Culture', which ensures that safety of the products and services we provide are always to the highest possible standard.  It is imperative that to achieve this we are open and transparent about safety matters and that all of our staff are encouraged to promote and discuss safety openly without prejudice.  This positive safety culture is at the heart of everything we do.

We are in a state of continuous improvement and we encourage both customers and suppliers to be forthcoming with any quality or safety related information which can help us to improve that which we offer our customers.


The Policy of Australian Fuel Cells Pty Ltd (AFC) is to consistently deliver to customers, goods and/or services, in conformity with the requirements of this Quality Manual.  Our aim is for a reliability that adds value to the business of our customers; therefore, increasing our own.

AFC commits to satisfy applicable requirements from customers, regulators and other standardization bodies.  To enhance effectiveness and efficiency, continual improvement of the Quality Management System is promoted and acted upon.

The Safety Policy is defined in the Safety Management System Manual (SMS) and is displayed near the entrance to our facility.  AFC endorses a Just Culture where safety matters are openly reported by all staff and no punitive action will result from this.

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