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Here at Australian Fuel Cells we can help you make your fuel cell design come to life. Custom fuel cells are a very common occurrence as getting an off the shelf cell to fit perfectly in to a unique space can not always be easy which is why you can design it and we can get it made. 

Majority of our custom cells are made in the USA through ATL racing, however we can and do make custom cells inhouse if necessary. Simply send us a 3D drawing with the measurements of all sides including and fitting locations and let us know the fuel type so we can get you a CAD drawing back to sign off on. Its all very simple really and you can sit back and await your unique and perfectly fitted cell.

If you are simply in need of replacing an obsolete bladder that was manufactured by another company, that's no worries at all as we can have this replicated. You would need to send your bladder to us which will be sent on to USA to have the factory complete the assessment and get you a quote. 

Custom cells.JPG
Custom Cells 2.JPG
Custom cell 3.JPG

Please send us your design with a 3D sketch and any additional information that you may need to


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