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The Aerocet Model 3400 Amphibious Floats have the ability to land on both land and water which offer limitless possibilities for the pilots.


They use a state of the art design with user friendly features and are the leader in the industry. They are suitable to Cessna 180 / 182 / 185 / 206. The maximum flotation rating is 1712KG with the bouyancy rating is 1541KG. The Aerocet Model 3400 Amphibious float weighs 295KG (180/185) & 306KG (206) with all attachments and internal hardware.

  • No Corrosion

  • No rivets which means that there will be no leaks

  • Common aerospace E-Glass and simple easy to use vinyl ester resin non sandwich bottom skin which makes any field repair easier

  • High impact sandwich core used on top and sides which adds durability and strength

Hull Design
  • Double fluted design which delivers strength to weight ratings

  • Sharp edges for reduced drag and increased hydronamics

  • Large flat deck with molded in antiskid

  • Top design for rough and smooth waters in performance

  • Super large sweet spot

  • Very slippery with minimal sensation of acceleration when leaving the water

  • Getting on to the step is reached quickly

  • 6 watertight compartments

  • No large holes for rubber controls which can prevent flooding

  • Large access panels with integrated preflight pumpouts

  • Storage locker built in to the center compartmen

Gear Retract System
  • Audible Announcement for gear position and gear check

  • Hydraulic pump running indicator

  • Illuminated indicators for each wheel and position

  • Back lit Display with dimmer adjustment

  • Indicator lights with test feature

Electric Hydraulic Pump System
  • 12 or 24 Volt availability

  • Far aft placement for nose gear CG compensation

  • Low average pressure which is easy on the lines

  • Built in pressure relief guards

  • Simplistic reversing motor which eliminates complex flow control valves and systems

  • Reservoir and site glass are built in to hydraulic power pack for easy fluid level reading

  • Internal filters to guard against debris in the hydraulic system

Custom Designed Gearbox
  • Minimizes displacement for improved flotation

  • Watertight seamless design

  • Easy access to all hardware

  • Easy-to-clean and service

Oleo Shock System
  • Trailing arm link provides a no-bounce smooth ride

  • Metering pin tailored towards comfort during taxi

  • Pressure adjustable to match aircraft gross weight

  • Cost effective

Sliding, Retractable Gear
  • Utilizes a no-maintenance composite spring to eliminate soft forward diving

  • No nose wheel well

  • Aluminium bronze slide bushings designed to handle heavy loads

  • Tire retracts to provide bumper

  • Angle of nose spring is optimized to reduce shimmy potential

Nose Wheel Assembly
  • Top quality and available spare parts

  • Spoked wheel design to eliminate water cavity

  • O-ring interface between wheel halves for better sealing

  • Standard off the shelf bearings

  • 6061 Billet anodized and top coated for long life

  • Full TSO approved by FAA

Aerocet 3400 Float Dimensions.png

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