Product Description

The Aeroflow Billet Triple 60mm Pump Hanger is CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminium with a black anodized option for maximum durability and corrosion protection against E85/Methanol. It has a 3 piece head that incorporates a weld-on bolt ring for customised fuel tanks and the Buna N O-rings provide a positive seal for the internal fuel log.The head of the triple pump hanger has a -12 feed and -8 return and 3 x -8 internal feeds along with check valves and male to female joiners which remove the need for in tank hose or clamps.


Product Features

  • Suits a 205mm diameter cutout

  • For use with 250mm deep tanks

  • Can support 1, 2 or 3 60mm pumps (like the Bosch 044)

  • -12 feed

  • -8 Return

  • Pump wiring kit

  • Built in fuel manifold chamber for better pressure equalization and no external couplers



Colour & Part number

  • Black - AF64-4050BLK

  • Aluminium - AF64-4050



  • Aeroflow



  • 4.32 kg

Billet Triple Pump Hanger - suits 60mm pumps

  • AF64-4050