Product Description/Features

The AeroFlow Long Inline fuel and oil filter a CNC machined filter made from aluminium and holds a 30 Micron filter element. The element is able to be removed to be replaced or cleaned to maintain an efficient fuel or oil system. Available in -3AN or -4AN and coming in 3 colours. It measures 3” in length.


  • 30 Micron

  • -3AN and -4AN

  • Available in 3 Colours


Colour & Part number

  • -3AN (BLACK AF607-03BLK) (BLUE AF607-03) (SILVER AF607-03S)

  • -4AN (BLACK AF607-04BLK) (BLUE AF607-04) (SILVER AF607-04S)



  • 30 Micron

  • 3” Length



  • Aeroflow



  • 0.08 KG

AEROFLOW Long, Inline Fuel & Oil Filter, 30 Micron, -3 to -4 (AF607-0x)

  • AEROFLOW AF607-0x