This 11.35 Litre (3 US Gallon) Aeroflow Performance fuel tank with sump is manufactured from 3mm high grade 5052 sheet aluminium, CNC folded with machine welded seams. The external dimensions are LxWxH - 205 x 205 x 405mm. These tanks are compatible with all fuels though the black anodised tanks are recommended for use with alcohol or ethanol based fuels. This fuel tank features four -12AN ORB fittings (O-ring bungs). Two in the sump for the fuel outlets, and two on the top for fuel return and venting. (AF613-12 roll-over vent valve recommended for use with this tank.)

Also included is a billet flush filler cap with flip-up and twist action and a one-way air valve.



  • High grade 5052 aluminium

  • CNC folded

  • Robot welded

  • 3mm wall thickness

  • Flush filler cap

  • 4 x Mounting brackets

  • 2 x -12AN ORB fuel pick up points

  • 1 x -12AN ORB fuel return

  • 1 x -12AN ORB breather/vent



  • Aluminium AF85-2030A

  • Black AF85-2030BLK



  • 11.35 Litre (3 Gallon)

  • 205 x 205 x 405mm



  • Aeroflow



  • 5.83 kg

11.35L Alloy Fuel Tank w/Sump